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    How hot outside temp can you run the revo?

    Hey guys I live in AZ. In the summer it gets to a high of about 118*. How high of a temp can I safely drive my revo? Or does it even matter as long as I run it rich?

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    If never heard of outside warm temps being a factor. Worry more about motor temps and always have a smoking tail and your ok.

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    the only worry about air temp is the tune.. just get it right and run you revo ... being that hot i would run a med. - cold plug.. thats the only change i would make..
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    Calexico guy here. Temps in here get up to 122 degrees. I've driven the tmaxx 3.3 in 104 degree weather. I did cut holes in windshield. I dedinetely had to lean it out. If in doubt always richen needles.

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