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    Truck Proboem: Revo 3.3 - Goes reverse only!

    Greetings everyone !

    I just purchased a revo 3.3 and tried to make it run but it apparently has some problem and only runs in revese; I have a ch 3 transmitter and pushing the shift button does nothing as the car doesn't move forward, only in reverse. I've read around and there seem to be problema with the optidrive unit but my truck is new. What could be the potential problems and solutions? I'd appreciate your help very much.

    Thanks everyone!

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    You have to give it throttle slightly to actually have the gear shift into reverse or forward. If that doesn't work it could be a bad servo. There is a metal pin that sticks out do the tranny on the passenger side. Pull it out for reverse and push it in for forward.

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