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    Onyx battery issue or is it just me?

    Hey all I have 2 onyx 4000 batteries with a onyx charger as well. I do do frequent runs with it in the water I have water cover for the chasis and everything. but some how I guess the water seems to seep through and corrosion builds up on the connectors. I personally havent seen water getting in but for some reason the connectors do have some sort of corrosion on it and when I go to charge it the charger says low voltage? what is this, ive had to change these batteries 2-3 times now in the past 2 months its frustrating since its an expensive battery to. My question is , is it the brand? like sometimes it will charge then randomly a beeping error saying low voltage in the battery... What batteries are the best for just bashing and so on.. I have a stampede vxl. this is utterly frustrating
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    Water will find its way in. If there's corrosion there's water. Plenty of other batteries you could use just check out the Stampede forum. As for specific questions about your battery and charger you'll need to contact the manufacturer.
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