Hey guys, I received the traxxas light kit for my son's 1/16 summit yesterday in the mail and was all stoked until I opened it up and saw so many wires for such a small truck. I was a little overwhelmed there for a second but this kit was a breeze and fit like a glove. I modified it a bit. the kit also brings a set of rear upper led but I didn't want to use them since I wanted to match the led setup that my 1/10 summit has.
I also didn't like the power cable that it brought since it attaches to the existing esc power plug. I cut the wires and soldered them to the existing esc plug looks a lot cleaner in my opinion. I don't like seeing a mess of wires on a RC so I spent some time fishing the wires to my liking it took some time but came out very clean. here some pics I wanted to share with you guys.

here is what I mean by soldering the new power wire to the esc power plug