Hey guys. I've been trying to decide what mini car I want to get. I've got it narrowed down to the LaTrax, 1/16th rally and (recently re-released) "other.˝ Just can't make up my mind. I want it mainly for small area drifting. The waterproof part isn't a concern, really. Just want to know how this car performs, especially utilizing the 370 motor. I know I could go Mamba with it, but will the drivetrain hold up to this? I also want to run lipo. How much really has to be upgraded? This is a nice inexpensive car, but is barely in the "hobby grade" realm. I also wondered if the micro RS4 aftermarket bodies fit this car? How much bigger is the 1/16th Fiesta? Do either have the aftermarket support of the "other" car? If the 1/16th isn't too big I may go that way.

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