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    Angry Two Aliases Ordered, Two Failures Within 24 Hours

    So a friend of mine at work and I ordered two Latrax Aliases from a local hobby shop. We were very excited to get them this past Thursday. We both found, unfortunately, that we wouldn't flying them for long. My friend's died that same day after only a single flight. When we went to fly it after the first recharge one of the motors was dead. As for me, I at least made it 24 hours but mine blew a motor the very next day (after maybe 4 flights).

    Suffice to say I'm really disappointed. One of the big marketing bullets on the Alias that I liked was it's durability. I'm not into anything AC but this looked like a fun, newbie friendly product. I really question that durability claim now. I only had a very few light crashes from low altitude on grass and now a motor is gone? On the other hand, the times I DID fly it were amazing! I loved it and it was worth every penny of my $150. These forums, and others, seem riddled with reports of the same thing, motors dying after just a few flights.

    So here's the question: Do I bother replacing the motor or just get my money back? Sure I can wait 3 weeks to get a new motor but how long until the other three go? I WANT this thing to work but it just seems like a faulty product. Don't get me wrong, I'm not here angry or hating, just wondering if I should stick this thing out or get my $150 back and walk away.

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    Keep 'em, you'll continue to enjoy them after replacing the motors. I went through my own motor trouble and after learning a little more about what those motors can take I haven't lost another one. It seems to me the brushes in them are extremely thin and after aggressive flying they may get a little too warm. They seem to keep fine if they are not bumped too hard when their hot, like in a crash or a hard landing. In any case, I'm hoping they come out with a brushless but the enjoyment of this little guy far outweighs the problems associated with the motors.

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    Same boat

    I've ordered some replacement motors off eBay. Will see how they work. But I'm in the same boat Estenborg.

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