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    Steering Help


    I had a bit of an accident this afternoon. I wacked a curb apparently a little harshly as I know have a steering issue. It seems like the steering is getting bound up somehow and doesn't want to turn left. If I pick the car up off the ground it will turn left fine. As soon as I set it on the ground it does not want to turn. The control arm where the tie rod end screws into does have a crack, but it doesn't look like it is inhibiting turning in either direction. I do not see anything else broken or out of place. Of course, right where I hit the curb there was about a two foot section of 1/4" to 1/2" of standing water which I immediately blew off the car with compressed air, I don't know if maybe this messed up the servo? It seems like something physical though, as I said if I pick the car up it will turn fine. Whatever the issue is, I can't even use the trim to bring the wheels to left barely passed center.

    Any ideas what I should look at to troubleshoot? Thank you for the help.

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    check if the cvd's bind when you turn it left.
    try uploading a detailed pic of the front end of the car so we can view.

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