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    Engineering Choices

    Since I've gotten my Traxxas quad-rotor helicopters and started posting on the Traxxas (LaTrax) website, I've noticed advertisements from a 'Brand X' quad helicopter site when visiting other websites.

    Anyway, I've noticed that one or more of their offerings have three blade rotors.

    I'd like to know why Traxxas and LaTrax elected to use two bladed rotors on their quad-copters. Is it because high speed/low load is easier on the motors?

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    Very nice meta question. It is a bit like asking a "Brand X" cola producer what criteria they used to come up with their secret formula.

    (Your user id and your question compel me to say thank you -- I am sure something is better for me because of you).

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    As a general rule of thumb,a 3 blade prop gives more lift. A 2 blade prop gives more performance. If you are more interested in payload capacity,then the 3 blade propeller is what you may want to look into,if the motor produces enough torque to handle the extra work load. Other wise you may "overload" the motor causing failure.
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