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    Question lipo 2/3 cell balance charger problem

    Hi guys
    I bought traxxas lipo 2/3 cell balance charger last month,for my Mini E-Revo,and I was using it well
    But today, when I plugged the charger to the wall,cell 2 was solid red even I don't plug the battery to the charger
    So I plug out and in again and again but nothing changes(cell 1 and 3 is working well)
    I have to go out soon so I'm charging with this now,but I'm worrying if the battery goes wrong
    Please help

    My battery is 2-cell 2200mah 30c lipo

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    The charger may be faulty... I would call Traxxas.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    It is never a good idea to use a possibly faulty charger. Please protect yourself.
    Alt-248 on the number pad =

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