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    My Alias(es) -- why is it so great- And how it talked me into buying a Raptor (x2)

    So I've now bought 3 Alias Quads. One I lost when it got away from me in wind.. The other two I fly every chance I get (although one is waiting for replacement motors to be sent by Traxxas). Luckily I have 2 so I can keep on flying.

    Anyway I like this Traxxas product so much I decided to buy another Traxxas product. A good friend just bought a Ford Raptor (the real deal).. Same friend gave me a Bose A20 aviation headset for Christmas, and I got him coffee... Sooooo I just picked up a Traxxas Raptor (RC truck) for him (same color as his real one)... I'm going over to his house tomorrow and his wife's going to make him go somewhere with her. Then while they're out I'm going pull his real Raptor out of the garage and park it around the corner.. Then in its place in the garage I'm going to put his new Traxxas Raptor.. Pointing down at it will be my old telescope. When he gets back I'm going to tell him I have a gift for him in the garage.. And when he opens the door I'm going to prodly say "I built you a shrink ray!". Well it sounds amusing in my head anyway. We'll see if it gets some laughs tomorrow.

    This Alias has been so much fun for me for so many reasons..

    1) I play basketball a lot.. But I was recently injured (sprained thumb) so I can't play for a while. This new toy has given me something to do when I would normally be playing basketball

    2) I play poker once a week or so -- and I seem to not be having great luck with that lately- or I'm not as good at it as I used to be-- so this Alias is saving me cash since I'm playing less poker. Although I do still like poker..

    3) Although I don't own my own aircraft, I'm a Pilot.. flying is my absolute favorite activity. For me, There is just nothing else that even comes close. However renting aircraft is expensive at $125-$350 per flight hour depending on aircraft. I have a customer whose plane I get to fly for free when he needs to go somewhere, but that's not very often lately.. Flying the Alias scratches that itch for flight (a little) And saves money. For example if I decide to blast down on a short flight to Key West (I'm in West Palm), that will easily cost $4-500. Last time I went flying, I brought the alias to the airport with me and showed it off to some air traffic controller friends, and one of them already bought his own now

    4) It reminds me of my younger days. My first rc product was a Tamiya Falcon (car). The Alias is my 2nd. But it reminded me how much fun I had with that car as a kid.. For the heck of it I looked it up on eBay. Someone is selling a new unbuilt Falcon kit for $800. I thought about buying it, but thought better of it..

    Anyway thank you Traxxas for making a great product!
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    Ha! This year I am going to steal your shrink-ray idea -- I promise that I will credit you.

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