Has anyone else noticed this with their NiMH batteries? I actually noticed this on one of my Ni-CAD Packs too but only 1 battery seemed to do this.
I have never noticed this on my batteries before then about a week ago I wanted to top off my Series 1 RX Power pack and heard it doing that along with my 7.2V Starter Battery pack.
I have always used a Duratrax Peak Charger that allows me to charge from 1Amp-4Amp on fast charge and 100mah on slow charge.
I have never charged my packs at more the 1Amp and I always watch when it starts showing sings of being full ( Light Blinking and showing voltage dropping as per manual) and I always felt packs to make sure then never got hot, I have noticed them warm maybe 100F but never hot.
Is this Buzzing sound normal or is that a sign of a cell going bad??