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    Jury-rigged repair on my DR-1

    I was flying my DR-1 yesterday when, after a few crashes, I noticed that the tail boom appeared bent considerably more than when I started. I figured that I could bend it back to the straight configuration shown in all the pics and diagrams I'd seen.

    WRONG! It broke off right at the bend. The boom is not solid, it's a tube.

    Hmmm . . . how to repair it? Soldering was out of the question because it appears to be made of aluminum. Okay, what about gluing? So far so good. I glued the ends together, and after the glue dried, I put a 'sleeve' of glue around the break to reinforce it. After letting it dry overnight, I reinstalled the boom. I've yet to try flying it again.

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    For what it's worth? There is a youtube video out there where they replaced the stock tail boom with a simple peice of 1/8th inch aluminum bar purchased at Lowe's. They had to bore out the installation point on the frame & tail with a 1/8th inch drill bit, but said it worked fine. (Not too heavy)

    I don't think I would go that way myself.

    I kind of figure that I will keep a few of the basic parts around that I can get. Since the tail boom is one of the parts that is available & reasonably cheap at around $5. It's probably a good candidate.

    I see what you are saying about everything showing the tail booms straight. Mine has a noticeable bend that was there when it came new. Who knows? Maybe the replacements are straight? I doubt it would matter.

    For me it's a given that I am going to crash this, but all things considered many things are a reasonably inexpensive replacement.

    Thanks for the heads up!! I think I will add a spare tail boom to my parts stock.

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    I took one of those "r.s.v.p" pens and blew the ink out of the tube and shazam presto El hack oh. Perfect diameter and length for both the tail fin and the part the it connects to the body.. If you want I'll post a picture

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