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    2nd gear lock and buku pipes.

    Has anyone here used a buku pipe for your slayer? And does it make much difference locking your tranny is 2nd gear?

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    Well the way 2 cycle engines work they don't have much torque down in the low RPM range which is the reason for the first gear, to get the weight of the truck moving then go into the second gear for the high rpm power range.

    Now if the second gear (in the trans is just right) and the CB and spur is the right combo you can use a single gear in this truck. Standard trans gear set, second gear is too high to try and take off in. If you go with a close ratio set for the trans and gear the CB and spur it would work. I run the close ratio set in mine and have had the shift points set wrong in it where it would take off in second and it pulled decently off the line.

    Haven't ran the Buku pipe but they say they are the best. I've seen some videos on youtube and they look pretty nasty on a 3.3 Good luck finding one though. Everything on their site says temporarily unavailable. Don't know if they went out of business or what.
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