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    Fuel not Reaching engine

    I have been trying to start the engine but i see that the fuel isn't going through the fuel line and reaching the engine. I don't think that the fuel line is gummed up because i took it out and ran it underwater to see that liquid would go through it. Im not sure what else the problem could be. Maybe a leak in the tank? How would i test for this? Could the problem be somewhere else?

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    Blow into the tube where the exhaust connects to the tank. Blow from exhaust side to try and prime the line. If that's not it, you have an air leak somewhere. Start with new fuel lines just because that's cheapest and what fixed the problem for me 9 times outta 10. If that's not it, go to hsn, the check the seal of the carb.

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    Put your figer over the exhaust while cranking the engine, this should prime the system. If not.... leak in exhaust...leak in tank,

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