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Thread: snow/mud tires

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    snow/mud tires

    I have a 1/16 summit with pretty worn stock tires and I think its time to upgrade hardcore. I want a set of big mudding/snow tires that maybe has chains made for it. Any recommendations would be great. I am also looking for some paddle tires and was wondering if the offset sand paw paddle tires were any good? Thanks for your help.

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    I have the proline 2.2 sand paws with beadlock rims they're awesome for sand and snow
    Also have the trenchers, but theyre quite smaller better for road and hard pack clay

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    I've never tried any paddle tires or anything like that. But I recently got a sweet deal on some axial 2.2 beadlocks and rocklizard tires. Even though they're a little used I have been amazed at the traction they have, I was doing stoppies/frontflips in powdery snow, so much better than the stock tires. They didn't seem quite as good in the mud but, they seem like a really all around good tire.
    1/16 Summit beadlocks with 2.2 rock lizards

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