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    Question Motor or Electronics not working (Help Please)

    Hi, I'm a newbie so bare with me. The car turns on and the steering works but I can't go forward or reverse. When I try to give it throttle the ESC just goes red and it doesn't respond. Is this a motor problem or ESC? The battery is fully charged and I changed all batteries in the remote. I'm not sure what happened or what's going on. Any basic troubleshooting that I should do? Like re-wire everything? I checked all the wires and everything seems connected. I don't know if I Need to re-program anything?


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    Sounds like you need to Rebind the radio with the esc. There are videos on YouTube that show you how to do so.

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    what type of battery are you using? If you have the esc in Nimh mode, and you are using a lipo battery it can cause issues.

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    Try all the trouble shooting you can find and if it still does not work give traxxas a ring and they should sort you outPlus welcome to the forum and addiction.......peace
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