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    EZ-Peak 4amp vs. wall charger

    Hi I was just wondering how long it takes to charge a 7 cell 8.4v 3000mAh NiMH battery with an Ez-Peak 4 amp charger vs charging it with the stock wall charger?

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    The EZPeak should be around 5 times faster, by amperage alone. The math for figuring this out may be different (and probably is) than LiPo... and since LiPo is all I run I do not have the formula for calculating NiMh charging.

    I am using .8amps for the wall charger because that is what I remember it being... 4 / .8 = 5

    Unless you are charging at no more than 1C, then it would be 3.75 times faster.

    Not only will the EZPeak be faster, it will also treat your batteries MUCH better. But if you are going to be purchasing one, I suggest the EZPeak Plus... this will allow you to be partially LiPo ready.
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    + if your charging at 3 amps (take the capacity of the battery which is 3000 mah then divide by 1000 will get you 3 amps) with the EZ-Peak Plus you get more run time and the battery lifetime may last a little longer. While the EZ-Peak charge it faster since its an amp more.

    I started with the 4 amps charger, then I switched to the Plus. The Plus is a great charger to start out with, perfect if you ever decide to go lipo.
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