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    Rally or Rustler VXL brushless?

    Which of those both do you recommend guys? I have a nitro Jato but want an electric now, I would post this in both the rally and rustler forum, what are the pros and cons? I see that the Rustler has like more mods to select from which the rally I just have seen a few but I could be wrong. Or also a slash 4x4? Which of those 3? Why? I like the rally but I think that it's very low and would be hitting things and not going to every place. The rustler is cheaper it's fast and also is way more raised that the rally and can see that it can crawl things easily without hitting the bumper but the bad is that it's 4x2 and its rwd and I like to drive in dirt and also in the streets and the videos that I have seen of the Rustler VXL when they go WOT it almost always flip over thats not fun. And the Slash 4x4 is more expensive but it's raised and also it has 4x4 so I don't know, what you guys think?
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    Rally 4wd
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    Rally is the same car as Slash 4x4 LCG (except body, bodypost, bumper).
    I vote for Rally...
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    well Slash 4x4 is Basically a rally just with a different body. They both even have the LCG so any concerns that you may have had with it being too low are gunna be the same with slash. So saying that they share basically 95% of the same parts and mods

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