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    piston/sleeve replacement vs engine swap

    I have been having issues with my revo 3.3. It doesn't want to start then when it does start it will run for like 5 mins then die... Can't get it to restart till it cools down. Took it to my LHS and they said it did the same thing, they said it was running lean and that it caused damage to the sleeve making the engine loose compression...

    Anyways, they recommended that I replace the whole engine. (traxxas swap $115). I asked about replacing the sleeve and piston and he said it was like $65 and a pain in the butt. Well I took everything apart and checked out the sleeve (looked fine and felt smooth) and then looked at the piston (it had deep scratches in it).

    So I am questioning, replace the whole engine (its like 5 years old) or replace just the piston/sleeve... Do you agree with the LHS on what is wrong with my revo? I only ask because they recommend it be replaced before when the carb went bad, but I said no just give me the carb.

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    You can see the answers in the Revo forum; placing the same question in multiple places is considered spamming--according to the rules.
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