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    Nitro slash ride height

    I just bought a nitro slash and noticed its lack of traction. Ive noticed in the picture gallery a lot of the nitro slashes have the ride heigth with the front end a little higher then the rear does this help?

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    Ride-height can sometimes help, but only up to a point.....Aftermarket rear tires and the addition extra toe from the purchase of 1952x and 2798x will get you a marked increase in traction.....

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    I put my rear wheels/tires from my Nitro Sport (2.2 wheels) on the rear of my Nitro Slash and it made a big difference. I was surprised how much traction it gained with just a half inch wider rear tire. Be aware, you'll have to raise the rear ride height just a bit to keep the wider tires from hitting the body. Also the 2.2 tires are a smaller diameter than stock, so it will also effectively lower your gear ratio slightly.
    Nitro Slash 3.3

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    A couple additional things you can try if you don't mind the wrench time. First off, Stock rear tires are not great. Choices are plentiful. It really depends on where/how your gonna be driving it. Also try to gear a little higher, Maybe try the 70t spur or get a 22t CB. 20/72 is really low for the 3.3. In addition (this is where the wrench time comes in). Repack your diff. In my version of this car I am using 500K silicone grease. Its thick. But it allows just a little bit of slip. No issues with traction. A Softer rear suspension is desired. Its gonna pull the front wheels up anyways. By letting the rear squat your letting the car absorb some of the torque and deliver it to the tires more gradually.

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