I want to write and say Thank You to the team and all those who are involved with Traxxas doing what each of you do to make using your products possible.

I do not have a lot of experience in RC at all, started with RC helicopters FP/CP a year or so ago, then I ended up with a revo vxl and now a summit 1/10th. As someone with not a lot of experience, you certainly can see which process a company takes when you open the box with the product inside.

With the revo vxl, I expected opening it similar to many things now a days with a basic manual, whatever else was included. Instead, what you get when you open a traxxas box is.

- Manuals ( Clearly where to get the full manual )
- Support Number Big & Bold easy to find
- Tools, Parts and not only that, what they are for and how to use them.
- Information relating to things you may experience while using the product
- How To's for Lipo and other related how to's ( Shocks, Gears etc )
- Solid product ( the RC )

What I learned and needed to learn to use and maintain the revo vxl was readily available ( nothing missing or hidden ) in the box and clearly marked and if I did not understand what I was reading, Call Traxxas.

It is clear Traxxas creates products that focus on enjoyment not on sales, incredible philosophy to have today when many companies are competing for the mighty dollar.

Seems so simple, when you create a product that offers enjoyment, there is no need to focus on sales, the sales will just happen and we will gladly pay it. Seriously, the Summit was $600.00, the revo vxl $309.00 and if anything happened to either of them, I would replace them.

Thank you for doing what each of you do.
~ Cheers from Canada.