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    New RPM parts available!

    Hopefully this hasn't been posted already, if so, just ignore this thread

    Anyways, RPM has a two piece front bulkhead for the rally and slash lcg.
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    From HERE:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cglennrichardson View Post
    Tekno shaft arrived today as well as the brand new RPM 2 piece from bulkhead, can't wait to try that one out. Also some stiffer springs for the rear on my GTRs. Been spending a lot of time the past couple days rebuilding the Summit after the beach bash. It's coming along and looking sweet with the dyed black chasis and stainless hardware. That thing takes forever to work on!

    I'll try to post some pics of these installed later if I can get to it today. I have a huge pile of leaves to get off the yard too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Cglennrichardson View Post
    I got to say I like this 2 piece set up. It's stronger with larger counter sunk screws mounting it. It's not open like the stock one and not having to disconnect somewhere on the bellcrank is nice.
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