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Thread: Esc motor ?'s

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    Esc motor ?'s

    I had a Castle Sv3 and 1410 3800kv combo 18/54 gearing which is great but I was lookin for a lil more power and speed. I swapped to an 1/8 scale Tacon 3674 540xl 2800kv and geared it 20/54 and it's seemingly not as fast maybe a little more torque but not what I was hoping for. I'm running both on 3s. Any input? I really thought the 540xl would pack more punch.

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    lower kv needs more volts to spin as fast as higher kv motor, but lower kv motors tend to run cooler and have more torque. That tacon is great, but you will need to gear up a few more teeth or move to 4s if you want more speed.

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    SV3 ESC is a bit underpower for a Rally 1/10. the 3800kv motor is the highest KV motor I would consider putting in a rally but, I would pair it with MMP. anything higher KV than that is way overkill for a 4x4.
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    Hey I'm running a MMP with a novak ballistic 550 4.5 5000Kv motor geared 18/54 and it gets warm not hot even running it on 3s and its very fast. I would get the MMP if I were you and play around with motors to find what suits you. I'm probably going to stick a 2650Kv motor geared high like my slash 4x4 and settle with that. Awesome torue and speed with the 2650.....Good luck
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