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    Slipper Clutch smokin!

    Hey all, i need some help with my setup. I just finished installing Mamba 2 2250kv setup in my summit, running 16 pinion/61 Spur gears. I also have very large 7.7 inch wheels and tires on there. I had read the forums, and done some upgrades before running it so as to avoid problems. I upgraded to the steel traxxas driveline before my first run, and I also dialed down the torque settings on the ESC so as not to shred my diffs (which have not been upgraded yet). I loosened the slipper clutch a bit from the way it used to be set with the Titan 775, in an effort to not cause drive-line problems. Within 3 minutes of very minor test runs, I started smelling it. The slipper clutch was smoking! Performance seemed pretty alright before the smoked slipper.
    So here is my basic question:
    Does the slipper clutch start smoking because it is too loose or too tight? I just purchased the heavy duty slipper setup traxxas offers and will instal that tonight, but dont really understand the best way to diagnose and to set the slipper so as to get good performance while still allowing the necessary slippage.
    Would welcome some education and feedback.

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    Slipper Clutch smokin!

    Smoking is from heat,heat is from slippage.the heavy duty slipper will help.
    it will take some fine tuning to get it just right for your truck.
    Brushless is a massive jump in instantaneous power.
    Tighten until spring coils just touch. Back off a quarter turn and tune it from there.

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    Yep - too loose! Tighten as Jamann described above

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