Hey guys, I just found out my Summit has TWO bad servos. One has bad electronics, and one has bad gears. Given the fact I can get a new servo for only $14, and then swap gears out of the one that burnt out, it would be easy to do that. But I figure I might as well upgrade to a better single servo while I have the excuse. I really don't know anything about servos, so I have no idea what to get. So, here is my criteria in order to get a single servo.

Must be less than about $60
Must have the same, or higher amount of torque than the stock servos
Must not cause brown outs
Must not need a bec (Is that what it's called?)
Preferably waterproof, or easily water proofed.

So, I'm basically looking for a direct fit, drop in servo that doesn't need anything else. Thoughts? Thanks guys!