have posted a few times here before but currently i have an e-maxx brushless and my brother has a e-revo, 1/16 rally (i gave him) and a rustler. I gave my brother the 1/16 rally i baught off ebay because with the mamba motor in it, it was too hard to control and rolled very very easy. that and it was too small for my liking.

with all that being said 2 months ago i got a new xo-1 roller off ebay just missing motor/esc/batteries. was surprised at how bit it is compared to the e-maxx. but should i just buy the xo-1 motor/esc or resell the roller and buy a rally? I want a car to set up for speed runs up and down my block but with several houses on the street having little kids i think an xo-1 may be too fast to be running here. that and the street is not the smoothest of course.

had a slash 4x4 while back but i sold it to a buddy to help fund my e-maxx since i wanted more of a monster truck type rc. prob should of kept it and just converted it but that was before i realized the rally was basically a slash.

If i get a rally i want to put 17mm hex on it and use xo-1 tires, so also i was wondering if anyone knows of a body style that would fit the rally WITH the side nerf bars removed. main reason i want to take the nerf bars off was when i had my slash a shroud cover didnt work well on the sides with them in the way.

Thanks for reading and i look forward to your opinions on what i should do with my xo-1 roller and such. Have a good day!