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    Traxxas link startup order

    Please help!
    What is the correct startup procedure for the traxxas link?
    When do you dock I device or start app.
    I have had to return 3 docking TQI transmitters to traxxas.
    Each had linked & worked with the app, then the tx would not see it or respond.
    Traxxas has replaced the tx each time, never the docking base.
    Firmware was upgraded & all seemed to work, then stopped.
    I assume that I am doing something in the wrong order , but do not know what it is!!

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    This is an old thread, but ...

    You didn't do anything wrong. Traxxas firmware upgrades seem to occasionally fail and destroy the transmitter so it has to be sent to Traxxas to be fully replaced. All you can do is hope that the transmitter firmware update goes ok and that any receiver update (in my case TQi to Slash 2WD VXL) works. It may run a few days, but then eventually fail such that resetting the transmitter (holding down the two top red buttons when turning the transmitter on) fails. Then it costs around $11 to send it to Traxxas afterwhich they take 2 weeks to decide what to do, then send you a completely new set to assemble and try again. Would have been nicer if they paid for shipping both ways and also sent a completely assembled TQi with dock that has been tested and works.

    Start up procedure:

    Transmitter off
    Plug in iPod/Phone
    Turn on transmitter
    Turn on iPod/Phone and then select Traxxas Link App
    Turn on receiver

    In Traxxas Link, go to Support>Preferences and turn off Allow Firmware Ordering and hope it doesn't do a firmware update that will fail.

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