I know there are already 1001 threads on the Backslash. I have a spare Slash 4x4 Ultimate and i basically have all trucks and wanted something different and till i can afford what i really want to add to my racing team i was thinking a Backslash would fill the need till then.

I have a real good idea on the parts i want to use but want opinion on others trial and error as i cant really afford to "gamble" atm. Also wanted to know from those that have built one did you even like it or was it like driving a truck with a different body? Im pretty sure ill end up selling when im ready to get the buggy i want. Would i be smart just to leave it as a truck if i intend on selling it to fund my next project or does a Backslash command a better price?

Just a feeler thread more than anything. Any thought or input is appreciated.