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    9.6 Volt 5000 broke...


    I bought a Traxxas orginal 9.6 Volt 5000 nimh battery for about 2 weeks ago. I drive a stampede 4x4 vxl.
    Today when i had finished driving the plastic on the right battery cell on the top had melted. i dont bash my rc. i like to do wheelies with it and i moslty pull full throttle during the time im driving it. when i jump with it its max 30 cm meter jumps in the air which shouldnt be any problem. so how come it broke?
    i noticed that this cell was on the side alittle on the top of the battery pack, is it supposed to be like that?
    well i have no clue why and its not fun to pay 120 dollars for it here in sweden and then it brakes just 2 weeks after. any ideas how it could brake?

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    i dont think they make these very good my is brand new and doesnt work. there is also alot of threads on this battery
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    If you over stress the battery or run the battery down to the point where the truck will hardly move, the battery will overheat. I did this in my UL-1 Hydroplane and got the NiMH batteries up to 204 degrees F. Get a LiPo over 143F and it'll catch fire. Getting NiMH to 212F may melt connectors, adjacent plastic, desolder its connections.

    You might contact Traxxas to see what they cover under warranty

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    yep i also fried one of these batteries a couple of years ago. full charge and my truck was moving as if it were in training mode. i also think these werent made good.

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