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Thread: Overheating

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    I bought a used spartan added 2 onyx 5000 11.1 lipo batteries and it ran fast for about 2 minutes then slowed way down when i brought it in the red light was flashing and the motor was super hot how do i fix this problem?

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    You need to run a seperate cooling line to the motor and esc. I had gotten a y plug and split the line coming from the rudder, then gave the motor and esc their own cooling lines, used another y harness and joined the hose back to the water outlet.

    That was just temporary until i installed my kintecracing 5 inch rudder with dual water inlets (so no y harness needed)Best upgrade Ive installed besides a new cooling jacket.

    Right now the water is coming in the esc, getting hot because the esc's heat. It leaves the esc hot and goes to the motor already hot so its not cooling it.

    Do you know if you have the version 1 or version 2 spartan? V2 has castle creations electronics.

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    Many things can cause heat issues. Everything from the prop being too deep in the water to incorrect stuffing tube alignment, rusted motor bearings, lack of lubrication of the flex cable, etc.

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    you def should do the 2nd cooling line to the motor.i did mine before it even hit the water.if anyone would ask me what do i really have to upgrade on my spatan it would be to add a seperate cooling line to the motor and a aluminum water jacket for the motor too

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    I would check the driveshaft, motor bearings, Strut angle and the prop for nicks.
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    I agree that dual water pickup is a good idea but I don't think that would cause you to overheat in 2 minutes. I would do what the others say first. Check your drive line, motor and strut angle. Did you check anything before you ran it the first time? Was water coming out of the water outlet when it was running at speed?

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    No response from OP......
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    Check the jacket itself. It is possible that it is leaking, or that water is not going through the esc (ie debris stuck in the coils)

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