I just got my EZ-peak a month ago and my lipos are about a month old also, I'm very confused I have a list of I don't knows I'm needing help with.
1# When I do a bal charge on my 3s 11.1/5000mah traxxas brand lipos with the Dual Balance Charging Board Accessory I'm getting a low odd reading on cell 3 on both lipos way below cells 1-2 and also what I was told the range should be from traxxas{4.20v} here the charge readings.
Lipo1~~4.16~4.20v~4.08v **24.92v
Lipo2~~4.20~4.20v~4.09v **mah 00343
I also did a single BAL charge and got the same readings THOSE last cells 4.08 & 4.09 don't seem in a bal range at all that far from 4.20 I was told by a tech @ traxxas to put them back on charge because they time out @120.[I GOT THE SAME READING after charger said full, I was charging the lipos separately } also I don't understand the mah and how it works I thought once charged the mah should read 5000 single charge and 1000 and also my amps dropped threw out the charge. Is this normal is my batt OR charger bad.