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    maxx steering issues

    So Im very good with my maxx trucks ive got every version from the 1st to to current model, but ive just purchased 2 used one being a s maxx 2.5 and the other a beat around 2.5 maxx and both have same issue. The steering is very slow, and the wheels do not want to return to center and also has alot of servo sway. Ball links are adjusted correct servos have been replaced, and all linkage has been ran through and still the issue is there. Ive rebuilt countless tmaxxs from the ground up and never had this issue. Maybe im over looking something that I need to recheck any ideas guys?
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    possible issues, weak battery/batteries, tight pivot ball caps, something is binding, worn out servo, disconnect servo from equation and see if steering is loose/binding (truck on a stand). transmitter has been messed with on its own settinngs if its a newer one that u can adjust almost everything.

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    Steering Bellcranks bad/ need cleaning? Screw for servo saver or servo saver bad?

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    Bearings for the bellcranks?(5x8x2.5mm)

    Did you put new servo saver's on them, if not that's the first place I'd start at.

    What servo's did you put on them?
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