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    How do you turn a stampede into a slash

    Hi all, I have been lurking around the slash forums and I have a few questions about them.

    >Are slash skid plates as tall as the stampedes, only the front one is longer and has the mounts for bell crank steering?

    >How much better is the slash steering over the pede,...Is it worth the swap?

    >How much longer is the slash chassis than the stampedes?

    I was given a old stampede and turned into this....

    But I want something more like this!

    I should note that I have the stampede chassis stretched about 2'' and I have the protrac slash kit in the mail. I want to use my rear 2.2 sandpaws and run Mohawks for the front using two of the wheels provided in the proline kit.

    Could I just lower my body down or do I need to make the hole chassis change?
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    For a time I ran a stampede chassis that I lengthened to short course dimensions. Then I adapted a body mount to work on the short course body, keeping it low. It worked just fine. I have since converted it entirely to a slash. That took quite a few parts. Such as: skid plates, steering, turn buckles, servo saver, bumpers and probably a few more I am forgetting. I I were you I would modify the body mounts to lower the body as much as you can and run it with the parts you have on order.

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    Well I converted my stampede to a slash mt and the only thing that was a little expensive was a new body. The slash chassis is about 2 inches longer and the steering is way better. You can look on ebay and get all the parts you need from a chop shop. The only things you really need is

    Steering setup and linkage. You can get stock. I used 4x4 steering. Make sure you get the kit as it comes with 2wd servo horn
    Chassis and battery strap and body mounts
    Front skid plate for slash 2wd

    The skid plates are interchangeable for a stampede and slash. The front one you will have to have for the bell crank. I use the rpm one. I will post pics of my conversion so u can see.

    Here is a link to my truck as it was and is now
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    A MT Slash is a great build. The bellcrank steering on the slash is a nice upgrade over the Stampede. The extra length of the Slash chassis makes it handle really nice.
    The RPM skid plates do fit the Stampede
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    Here is the short list of what you need to do the conversion:

    Slash Chassis
    Slash front & rear skid plates
    bell cranks
    servo saver
    body mounts

    You'll likely also need longer turnbuckles, and I think different arms (not sure).
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    The rear skid plates are the same... you do need a front. If you get the steering setup on ebay you usually get the servo saver but you CAN use the stock stampede servo saver if you want. Body mounts are also unnecessary if you lightly modify the stampede units. If yoru getting a protrac kit, it already has extended camber links and steering links. Front bumper doesnt NEED to be changed, nor does a rear bumper NEED to be mounted. Overall the conversion shouldnt cost more than $25-30. The slash chassis is a good choice for a and running vehicle. It gives you the ability to mount the electronics much lower on the chassis and the bellcrank steering setup is definitely better overall than teh stampede's direct to servo setup.

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