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    Question Problem with TQi tx firmware update

    Hi I tried to update my TQi tx that I use on my Spartan. But now the iPod on the dockingstation just keep on verifying TQi tx firmware (2 of 2). I have tried to turn the tx off/on several times but when I turn tx on again the light flashing green/red and it's start to update again but still " hanging up " on the verifying TQi tx
    firmware (2 of 2). Maybe anyone have a clue on how I can fix this? Can't reset the tx, it's just flashing green/red...

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    Try resetting the TQi. With TQi off, hold down the menu and set red buttons and turn the TQi on to reset. After reset, turn it off and test the link to the Spartan without the iPod attached. If it works, attach the iPod and see if it works. IF this doesn't work, contact Traxxas, you may have to send in the TQi for replacement

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    What did you find out on your issue? I just had one crash on me for mine. I call to find out going to cost me 65.00 to replace it from Traxxas. I could understand if I broke it but on a firmware update I can buy new with dock and RX for half on the bay new taken from an xo. But I am a sucker for doing the right thing.
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