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    What transmitter setup for my needs?

    I currently own a stampede xl-5 with an original mm & 5700, a rustler xl-5 with velineon system, a mini revo vxl, and am trying to get a slash 4x4 roller that will run an xo-1 ESC and probably a castle motor.

    I'm rocking the old am systems right now with yellow crystals in each vehicle so I can use only one tx.

    I have looked into a cheap 2.4 aftermarket radio system, and am looking at the traxxas trade up plans as well.

    I like the docking base with traxxas telemetry. Can my vehicles with other than stock motors and escs be set up to get use out of the iPhone app?

    How much does it cost to outfit the vehicles with the sensors? I have old 2055 servos on all my vehicles.

    I don't have an idevice, but my girlfriend has an old iPhone, or I could purchase a used iPod touch.

    If I couldn't set my vehicles up for temperature and speed sensing, I guess the docking base setup would be a waste.

    What capabilities do these new transmitters have for adjusting the vehicles behaviors?
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    I am a bit confused... you state "Stampede XL-5" and "Rustler XL-5" then go onto say a different ESC and motor combo... XL5 is a Traxxas ESC.

    Do you mean to say you have a 2WD Stampeded with a MM ESC and 5700kv motor and a Rustler with a Velineon system?

    As far as sensor costs... if you go to buy.traxxas and look under your model of RC they will have sensors listed that are specific to that model.

    For the rest, I am hoping someone with the proper knowledge will chime in.
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    They were xl-5 models, but motors and escs have been upgraded. A few other parts are different from the vxl models, though I doubt it makes a difference in what I'm seeking to find out.
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