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    NiMH recommendation for ERBE

    Hi. I have an E-Revo VXL with NiMH and it is alot of fun (Can only imagine what it'd be like on Lipos). But, it's plenty fast.

    So, I may pick up the ERBE w/o batteries (5608X). I'm thinking, for now, NiMH will be fine. I have a charger (EZPeak 2 amp NiMH), so no need to invest in a charger for Lipos yet.

    I'm wondering which battery would be good. The Traxxas product site recommends twin 7cell, 4000+ mAh. So, I'm thinking Traxxas #2960 (5000mAh,series 5) or #2950 (4200mAh,series 4). Around $45/$50 each.

    Will they work OK and give me good run time? And, charge quickly with that charger?

    I'll get into Lipos at some other point, but I figure this is a good way to get started quick, and it'll still be plenty fast.


    NOTE - I'm going to move this to the 'E-Revo Brushless' forum. Seems to be a better spot.
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