Ok so I have never had the receiver box open on my E-Maxx EVER. So it blew me away to find a 5ch receiver in there. When I have a 2ch transmitter. However I still wanted to swap it out for the 3c FlySky TX/RX combo that I have. I much prefer the LCD Display to change settings over the Traxxas Blinky Light to change settings.

That's when I realized uhm, how do I hook up both steering servo's. I just assumed that the 2 steering Servo's went into a Y-Adapter inside the box to plug into a single port on the receiver. Well I come to find out that the receiver has 2 CH1 ports for the 2 Servo's. Can I buy a Y-Adapter, or how do I wire up the dual servo's to work on a normal Receiver. My Old Fly Sky was setup for my 3906 E-Maxx so CH3 was for the Transmission. I am thinking about making ch3 a switched for some nice LD Lights.