New E~Maxx day... Okay maybe not new but new to me. Picked this truck up at a local garage sale for $5 dollars.... I was speechless and my hands couldn't fumble out the money quick enough before the guy next to me was going to offer the lady more money. Kinda of made me mad he would do that but i had dibs first soo,....

I know this is the older chassis 3906 and its been beating around the bush but all in all motors, esc, batts, and radio are getting replaced. So my question is I know Traxxas use to have a legacy page on the products for the old manuals exploded views and such but I cant find any thing for the older chassis code.

so far iv been lucky finding the parts i need but some not sure about

Need to find out the part number for the front knuckles they need replacements

parts ordered are
Front bulk head has crack in it
New skid plates
New Bumpers.

I am currently looking at just getting a leopard combo just something for Sunday driving and car show toy to run around with. its not going to be a full on basher,. enough blabbing time to show it off please remember this is how i got it not my own doing