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    Front Diff Servo dead

    I think I got me a lemon...something breaks every time I take out my summit...

    Can I keep using it with a dead front diff servo?
    Whats a good non-traxxas replacement?
    How do I run the plug though the receiver box? looks like theres not enough room?

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    1) Unscrew the receiver from the bottom of the
    Receiver box
    2) put all the wires through the gap
    3) screw the receiver back down
    4) Connect the plugs into the correct channels on the receiver.

    As for can you run the truck without the servo working - is the diff currently locked or unlocked?? If locked I wouldn't, or stick to low gear slow crawling etc.

    Alternative to the stock servo - most people will tell you that the 2065 is a good servo - cheap & reliable (unless you get a dud I suppose)

    Bash it like someone else is doing the wrenching!

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