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    Thumbs up Ken Block 1:16 Gymkhana Fiesta Brushless drift modify, rear differential lock

    Just got my 1:16 Traxxas Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta Brushless. Its really osum!
    My first even traxxas product.
    I have a small question about this video :
    Is the rear differential locked in his car? I don't understand what hes saying there but any pro drifters can tell if the rear diff is locked in that car?

    Is there any tute video or detailed instructions on reaching my KB's rear diff and locking it without using Traxxas's official diff locker part? (Since I'm located in India, we don't have it already available in here )
    Last question is - what kind of oil is best for locking rear diff in my KB?


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    locking the diff? i'd say traxxas's or other brand 500k oil(just got some in last night...the top air bubble takes about 5-10min to reach the bottum when you turn it upside down maybe about a 1-1/2" to 2" tall bottle)

    also from what i hear you could use silly putty,j-b weld or other glue types....but the gears will have to be cleaned first before applying the the above^

    front diff and rear diff have oil in them.....and with the stock tires you will want the front diff to be locked before you touch the rear....just how the car a drift the iner front tire gets more weight transfered to it and the outer front tire starts to spin/slip/diff out and if that happens the drift is sone over before its completed

    and for getting to the diff i dont know of eny video's on youtube but if you have the exploded views that came with the will help out alot
    summit /mustang /stampede-2s spc lipo

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