Hey guys, one of my friend's mini Summit has been acting really strange lately. For specs it's a VXL, with the stock Traxxas nimhs, and a Corona servo. Ever since he bought it way back in December it's had this issue, but now it's really bad. When you plug the battery in and try to turn the esc on, every once and a while it won't turn on. If you jiggle the wires it will sometimes turn on. When it does turn on, every thing works perfect until you hit a bump. When you bump the truck some times it will turn off. There is nothing wrong with it visibly, it looks brand new. My friend has taken VERY good care of it, there isn't even a spec of rust anywhere. He has 4 nimhs and they all have the same result. Even back when he bought it it would shut off randomly about every other run or so. So, what do I do at this point? He really can't afford a new esc, and the Summit doesn't really work at all now. Thanks for any help!