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    glow plugs for trx 3.3....

    what does hot or medium plug mean?

    also besides traxxas glow plugs, which other glow plugs work with the trx 3.3 just to know just in case lhs has traxxas out of stock.

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    Read up on this:

    LR3/LC3 and LC4 along with a couple others. Do not get turbo plugs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Double G View Post
    Do not get turbo plugs.
    Don't get a plug with an idle bar either.

    I've used many different brands of plugs. McCoy MC59, OS LC3, Stock Traxxas Plugs, Odonnell's hot plugs and they've all worked great and provided consistent results with a good tune. Cold temp plugs are a bear to tune. They hardly want to idle and flame out alot. Usually small blocks (anything around .21 size) use medium or hot plugs. Big blocks (larger than .21) use a cold or medium cold.
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