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    Blast Upgrade possible?


    i use motor : 540 Stinger™ (20-turn) and nautica

    How to upgrade my blast boat?

    motor and esc? combo? (same diameter than stinger for water-cooling? same size for juste replace?)
    it s possible?
    for direction it s traxxas 2056 (servo?) need to be changed?

    and continu to use my 2,4ghz remote

    i can't use same as my e-revo brushless it's to big

    many thanks for your help

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    traxxas tra2075 sevo is a good upgrade , s fare as the rest other members should be able to help , had a blast at one time but to slow , tried the Titan 12T but didn't hv luck with it . There are alot of people put brushless . Get out youtube . jmo
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    diameter= 36mn & L= 50mn for 540 Stinger™ (20-turn)
    Titan work with nautica and nimh?

    diam= 38mn & L =58mn for Titan

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    You'll need a new ESC to run the 12T Titan; I'd recommend the XL-5 (the waterproof version). Some modifications will be needed with the 12T Titan setup, but they're pretty minor. A quick search here in the Blast sub-forum should pull up a few posts on the subject.

    I'd stick with the factory servo, as it's plenty powerful enough for the Blast.
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