I just finished breaking in a replacement 3.3. Tank 6, first one after break in, resulted in a ripped anaconda lol. Nature of the beast, motor saver air filter, drilled stinger, HR steel transmission gears, and now a losi 3.4 carb.

I am a basher at heart; I do like doing high speed runs but I don't have a radar gun(not a serious thing for me). I just like to drive fast like Rikki Bobby lol. For the dirt I have a set of badlands on wabash wheels for the rear so offroad is covered.

I was thinking of going with a set of these....http://www.ebay.com/itm/300937871330...84.m1423.l2649

I know they are spendy and I can't really say I want to spend that much on a wheel/tire combo unless they really warrant the money considering dollarhobbiez has a full set of stockers for 30ish. Has anybody used these when there was a 17MM adapter available on the market ?

Really just looking for info, if I see a 17MM adapter set I will probably grab it just to have it. Not so much that I need a 17MM wheel but just figured since that opened up some options that would be nice. Anacondas are good, nice and grippy but they wear out fast and seem so tear apart too.

Just looking for info/options. Thanks in advance