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Thread: 2075 servo

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    2075 servo

    Hello Everyone!
    I'm back to boating today for a loooong time, since I have a long term project flying on some countries around North America, anyway I have a question regarding on the 2075 servo, I know that where using the 2056, but is the 2075 fits in there, 2075 is better than 2056 I think, due to it's digital function, I find that the 2056 had a slight beat when I turned on my ESC.
    Check on the manual also it was there
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    2056, analog, 80oz, .23sec
    2075, digital, 125oz, .17sec

    both are waterproof, if choosing one of these its a no brainer
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    My son runs the stock 2056 servo in his boat and I run the 2075 in my boat. I can not tell any difference when running both boats at the same time. I always tell him my boat turns faster but it really does not.

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    You really don't need much of a servo to steer a boat, and that's why SJS has had those results when comparing the two servos. Once you reach a certain point, the speed and torque of a powerful servo just cannot be utilized in a boat like it can be in a land vehicle.
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