I thought I'd create a post in the electric rustler category just to help new comers perodically I plan on starting threads based off to of basic upgrades just to collaborate everyone's opinions.

So whats your favorite steering setup or the ones you've found to work the best. One thing I've noticed with my vxl is out of the box the steering is slow and wide. Which I found to be a let down considering with the basic chassis shape you would figure it to turn on a dime. After a couple weeks of tuning I think I've found the best set up for asphault bashing. I'll soon start working on a dirt/grass setup.

Traxxas progressive rate springs up front

Proline 6063-1's in the rear adjustment sleeve set to about the midway point

Traxxas 3741a- aluminum caster kit (the odd ball thing I do here is screw the rear caster links all the way in and use them as steering rods they just react tighter and feel like they have less slop compared to the traxxas hop up link's)

Traxxas 3743a - aluminum bellcrank (this came about the second day of owning it I was still new to the hobby and was playing with the 70/30 switch much to my displeasure it hit the side of my work full speed destroying everything in front of the battery hold down)

Rpm- hub carriers (using aluminum hub carriers with aluminum caster blocks just resulted in too many bent parts. I found the hub carriers should be able to flex every so slightly in order to help absorb wheel shock. While the caster plate helps high speed stability.

Acer 5x11mm wheel bearings (soak them over night in wheel bearing oil to get best results)

Rpm front and rear shock towers.

I know the rear towers and shocks aren't directly related to steering but with the rpm tower and proline shocks alot of the stock flex and wild suspension rebounds were tamed to aid in improving the steering.

it may sound odd but I found when running stock with a 2s 3300mah lipo that switching the font tires to the rear helps alot. i took alot of flipping the car end over end before I decided to switch them to make the back kick out instead of grabbing and barrel rolling it across the pavement. I am waiting on a set of anacondas to arrive in the mail. As far as I can tell they seem to be the popular street choice. And I'm hoping they offer a hard compound that'll allow you to slide when you need it.

The next thing I want to improve on is what servo to use everyone seems up in the air on this topic so far the stock 2075 servo seems strong but I just want a lil tighter action and more high speed stability. I've already tried an rc one aluminum servo saver and it actually made things worse so I've since went back to a stock servo saver and have had no issues yet.

Feel free to post your setup and observations in trying out various parts and if anyone has any servo advice please let me know