Got a old Traxxas 12 engine that I got back in 1998-2000 time frame with a Nitro car purchase.
Not even sure of make of Nitro Car to to be honest. Maybe once the carb is figured out we can tackle that question.

Anyways I used the engine and car for a season or two (probably used less then 8 times) and put it away and never really looked at the car till about a month or so ago when I dug it out and located all of my original equipment/tools etc.

So I bought some new replacement parts (battery holder, glow igniter, and fuel tank) and a quart of fuel. I went to fire it up and it came to life but would not stay running for more then 5 or so seconds. So I looked over things and figured out the "throttle" lever on the carburator was not moving even though the linkage and electronic components were working. In short the carb lever is clearly stuck\bound.

When I put the car away (12 or so years ago) it had a cracked fuel tank and the battery pack had broken but the car ran fine and carb was not having this isue.

So my questions are;

What would cause this binding\stuck lever?

Can the carb be taken apart and cleaned and reassembled? If so, what items will I need to replace (seals etc). Is it overly difficult?

I have located online a traxxas 15 carb (more than one), could this just be swapped out on the Traxxas 12 engine?

All, looking for any ideas and guidance on getting this back up and running. I have a 10 year old boy who I could see using it.