Taking it to the next level of battery packs. I just bought a Traxxas 2s 4000mah lipo and I'm expected it to arrive on Friday so little nervous when I get it. I will be using it for my Slash VXL 2wd. So many questions to asks, but feel free to throw in suggestions in advance.

First off I got an EZ-Plus 6 amps charger and I know I have to charge it at 4 amps, but I read in the manual that its common for batteries to accept more capacity. I done that with nimh batteries though is it safe to do that to lipo batteries? I got the capacity cut off set at an extra 200mah so the cut off is 4200. I have the optional temp sensor as well and I read the directions for it that the temp cut off need to be lower than the recommended number for lipo.

Next if I'm not using the lipo for a day or when it need to be recharge after I use it should I always put the battery in storage charge and how long do I need to recharge it for continuous storage. Also should I always store it away from other batteries especially other lipos and do I have put it in a special place other than putting it in a cool and dry place? Will only be using nimh for wet conditions unless there is a way to make lipo water resistance, but I may just play it safe and stick with nimh for those conditions and I never submerge any of my rcs.

That is all I can think of for now. Thanks.