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    Aluminium arm and suspension upgrade problems

    I just replaced my stock arms and suspension with the aluminium customized arms from eBay.

    1. Problem 1: The pins provided don't secure the arms very securely unlike the stock arms. Stock arms come with a long screw that you can screw to the chassis. Aluminium upgrade just comes with a pin. It does come with a few snap-on stoppers for the ends of the pin but those provide no use actually. Anyone encountered this similar problem and how did you fix it? Now, the front arms especially are wobbly at the joint stock arms were rigid. I bet when I run the car, it's gonna be worse than stock.

    Problem #2: I donno if this problem is caused by the aluminium upgrade, or the suspension or a separate problem altogether, but after I replaced those 2 parts, my car can turn right but not left. The range of motion to the left is heavily hampered. I checked the side trim on the transmitter and it's not set to the right. Even if I side trim all the way to the left, it just won't budge. I took off the wheels too to see if it's obstructed or anything but couldn't find any physical obstruction. When I manually move the front wheels to the left, there is a lot of resistance and the movement is stick (means the wheels wouldn't wanna return to centre position on its own after I release the wheelie on the transmitter. I figure there must be an obstruction of some sort. Can anyone offer any advice on this?

    Appreciate it much!

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    not too many XO-1 owner here run aluminum arms, its pointless to have one on and when you crash there goes your cash, with the stock arms if you break it, its cheap to replace and you know it has a better fitment than to those Ebay aluminum arms, sorry to disappoint you.
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    Have disconnected your servo and checked for free movement both directions? It sounds like something, somewhere is binding. I doubt it's the servo.
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    You probably tighten to much on steering blocks or bearing carriers somwhere there isn't free play , disconnect servo and make sure u can move by hand first left to right . Then u knwi it isn't servo or settings on remote .

    The pins that hold the arms need those eclips or it'll come apart . You could always check your LHS and see they might have pins from a different make or model brands that might b bigger in size . Or do some McGyver type stuff and try a piece of shrink wrap for small wiring or something else to sleeve it if have anything laying around

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    I have alum arms and they work way better than stock.. Definitely tracks better... With pins an dremel to cut and fit e-clips you would be fine... Shim for slop... I have crashed no problems... But yeah if you bend or break you out of cash...

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