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    is there a falling out?

    Been trying to decide between the Telluride and the Stampede 4x4 for a while now, so I have been reading and looking at everything I can find. Looks like 2-3 years ago the Telluride was everywhere and just as popular as the 'pede. And a lot of people were converting their stampedes over to things closer to the Tell

    But nowdays it seems there is very little Telly talk anywhere, and what there is, is mostly the other way,,,converting over to stampede-likes and Slash's.

    I do prefer the looks of the Telly, but if a slowed down brushed pede with tire and body changes is the way to go, then so be it.

    I'll be more "urban" trail truckin the back lots and alleys.

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    Not sure why it seems slow, I haven't had much chance to run mine since I built it, but same for all of my other r/c's too. Now that I'm no longer working in a hobby shop, I might get the opportunity/desire to go out and run more often.
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    I've always been a fan of the Telluride's scale look. The Stampede has its place, but I like the Telluride much more.

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    Very much agree. Although it runs like a toy truck, its scale looks are really good. I see that the cost for new ones on ebay isnt even hittinh $250 anymore. I just picked up a almost new rtr for under $160 through the forum. Will start working on it soon.

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    Go for the Telluride. My daughter and I have a Telluride so she can trail with my SCX10 and just loves it I have a set of Stampede tires, Stampede body and body post to convert the Telluride into a Stampede for when my daughter wants to bash with her Courtney Force edition Stampede.

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